# Usage

Invoke Sweep to crawl all subdirectories of your current directory to discover your projects.


You can also specify one or more directories to tell Sweep where to start.

swp ./work ./personal

Depending on how many subdirectories you have, crawling may take a while.

After all directories have been crawled, you will see a list of all discovered directories that will be deleted. Confirm with y to delete the listed directories.

Screenshot of the CLI output

# Flags

# -a, --all

Skip checking the modified date of discovered projects. For when you want to sweep all dependencies, even in projects you recently edited.

# -i, --ignore <ignore>

Set a regex pattern for directories to ignore.

If you want to ignore a specific directory every time, you may want to use a .swpfile instead.


The ignore pattern will match on the entire path, not just the directory name.

--ignore test will ignore ./test/, /new-test, foo/tests, etc.

# -f, --force dangerous

Skip the confirmation and immediately sweep the discovered directories.


You will not have any opportunity to review which directories will be deleted. It is recommended to only use this on single project directories that use a .swpfile. Use at your own risk.

# -h, --help

View the help info. The same as this, but in your terminal!